•  14/07/90
  •  Nuremberg, Germany
  •  YT-Industries
  •  Spare Ribs and Buffalo Wings !!
  •  Bikepark Leogang Austria
  •  Non-alcoholic: IceTea / Alkoholic: Beer and Captain-Coke
  • No specific, my playlist is always on random.. but favorite genre is hiphop.
  •  Left
  •   Velvet with the 15mm axle and Vengeance with 20mm Both between 100 and 130 mm suspension travel
  •  First of all my Bike, IPhone, Laptop, enough caps..
  • Stay tuned and still go on!!
  •  YT-Industries, Adidas, Adidas Eye Wear, X-Fusion, TSG, Troyan, Maxxis, Relentless, T-Mobile, Assembly Industries