The True Grit Epic marks the beginning of the endurance season and since it was the first race of the year for many of us, it officially gets the 2016 race party started. It's also the first race of the National Ultra Endurance series of races (the NUE), so the turnout is always a who's-who of endurance.

This race is no joke. It's 50 miles of technical, bike-hammering single track that takes riders through the infamous Zen Trail in St. George, UT. If the rock drops and rollers aren't enough, there's still about 8k feet of climbing to deal with. It's safe to say that the finish line is a welcomed site.

We're stoked to say that all the Troupers that raced (except for first time True Grit'ers Kimmi and Jeff) set personal best times on the course by as much as 20 minutes for some. Charlie took the top spot among the team with a 9th place finish in the 40-49 group. Our off season work seems to be paying off!

True Grit might be one of the events that will be a staple of our race season for a long time. The challenge of riding new trails and meeting new riders from a different scene is a great way to kick off the season.