Jeff and Tim were first off in one of the larger, faster waves. Right away, 3 riders from Serious Cycling went to the front and set a killer pace that separated the field into two groups within the first mile. Tim made the selection and rode in 5th place for the first 1/2 lap until a loose and sandy descent grabbed his front wheel and took him down. Shocked, he stood up, caught his breath and chased back to the group and caught a couple of riders that had passed. Over the course next 3 laps, he was able to ignore the pain in his ribs from the crash and hold on to 6th place at the finish.

Michelle had a great race, too. She's coming off of her 'cross season and was ready to test the legs in XC. Off the start, Michelle got to work weaving her way through traffic and avoiding a crash to get to the front. Unknown to her, a rider had gotten away and was out of sight on the twisty course. Not wanting to do all the work, she let another rider pass and sat on her wheel. A quick drink of CarboRocket, a click of her shifter, and she hit the jets on the last lap to take 2nd at the finish.

It's great to be back in XC season, and we're looking forward to more of the Kenda Cup series. Special thanks to Roger and the team at Kenda being title sponsors of the series.