Slant RC HLR



  • The Roughcut HLR damper has high and low speed compression adjustments
  • Remote Lockout Capable
  • LockX 15mm Axle
  • Brake housing guides


  • Travel: 160mm, 140mm, 120mm, 100mm
  • WT. LBS: (APR)4.2(15mm axle, Tapered Steerer)
  • WT. Grams: 1905 (15mm axle, Tapered Steerer)
  • Wheel: 26”
  • Spring: Air
  • Steerer: Tapered
  • Adjustments: Lockout, Rebound, Air
  • Stanchion: 34mm, Gold Hard Ano, Aluminum
  • Casting: Magnesium
  • Axle: LockX 15mm Axle
  • Color: Black
  • Axle to Crown: 545mm @ 160mm
  • Max Rotor Size: 203mm


HLR damping systems are on our performance line. They offer external rebound adjustment & external high and low speed compression adjustment

Brake house guides for simplistic and easy brake line mounting.

Specific offsets for 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheel platforms.

Push-pin system on air rod to adjust fork travel.

New locking axle for all 15mm forks.

New ultra durable, low friction wiper seals for all forks.

X-Fusion’s Roughcut HLR is an HLR damping system with single wall bladder system that completely separates the oil in the damper from air outside the cartridge.

New all-metal remote lever for fork and shock lockouts.