Slant RL2



  • The RL2 damper has rebound damping adjustment and uses an on-off switch for lockout.
  • Remote Lockout Capable
  • LockX 15mm Axle
  • Brake housing guides


  • Travel: 160mm, 140mm, 120mm, 100mm
  • WT. LBS: (APR)4.2(15mm axle, Tapered Steerer)
  • WT. Grams: 1905 (15mm axle, Tapered Steerer)
  • Wheel: 26”
  • Spring: Air
  • Steerer: Tapered
  • Adjustments: Lockout, Rebound, Air
  • Stanchion: 34mm, Gold Hard Ano, Aluminum
  • Casting: Magnesium
  • Offset: 42mm
  • Axle: LockX 15mm Axle
  • Color: Black
  • Axle to Crown: 545mm @ 160mm
  • Max Rotor Size: 203mm


Brake house guides for simplistic and easy brake line mounting.

Revised All CNC Aluminum Damper with New Mid-Valve for Improved Control.

Specific offsets for 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheel platforms.

Push-pin system on air rod to adjust fork travel.

Lockout restricts oil flow and prevents the suspension from compressing under load. This maximizes efficiency on those climbs and the occasional road ride.

New locking axle for all 15mm forks.

New ultra durable, low friction wiper seals for all forks.

High performance aluminum cartridge dampers with mid-valve damping system.

New all-metal remote lever for fork and shock lockouts.