Adjustment Shield

The Adjustment Shield is an aluminum protection cap that keeps the fork’s compression knobs safe from deadly impacts by natural terrain while ripping rough trails


AV Sleeve

Additional volume air sleeve for rear shock line.


Bat Remote

New universal seatpost remote activator.



Brake house guides for simplistic and easy brake line mounting.



Bottom-out Pressure Adjust regulates the forces required to move through the ending stroke of the suspension using an external air reservoir.


Cartridge Damper

Revised All CNC Aluminum Damper with New Mid-Valve for Improved Control.



Check valve to isolate compression and rebound damping.


Dedicated Offsets

Specific offsets for 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheel platforms.


Flux Piston

Ball joint assisted air piston to prevent binding and reduce internal friction. Patent Pending*.


Gold Slick Ano

Ultrahard, ultra slick ano finish.


High Speed Piston

Carefully engineered pistons to provide maximum oil flow with highly efficient damping characteristics.



HLR damping systems are on our performance line. They offer external rebound adjustment & external high and low speed compression adjustment



Push-pin system on air rod to adjust fork travel.



Lockout restricts oil flow and prevents the suspension from compressing under load. This maximizes efficiency on those climbs and the occasional road ride.


LockX 15mm Axle

New locking axle for all 15mm forks.


Neutra Valve

Pressure release valves to neutralize internal pressure providing the most consistent spring rate characteristics.


Nvolve Wipers

New ultra durable, low friction wiper seals for all forks.


Quick Flip Remote

New all-metal remote lever for fork and shock lockouts.



Premium technology in a cost effective package! The RC systems offers the same high performance technology as HLR, but with a pre-set high-speed compression.


RL2 Cartridge Damper

High performance aluminum cartridge dampers with mid-valve damnping system.



On the fly, handle bar remote lockout to minimize effort and save time when it counts.


Rough Cut

X-Fusion’s Roughcut HLR is an HLR damping system with single wall bladder system that completely separates the oil in the damper from air outside the cartridge.



Reservoir volume controls spring progression/ramp.


Twin Tube Damper

Open path damper in a sealed outer tube for ultimate performance, low weight and low stiction.



One piece aluminum crown steerer assembly.