The rest of the team - Kimmi, Travis, Jeff, Andrew, and Tim also put in solid efforts in their 6 hour rides. Early laps were fast. But as the temps went up, the speeds came down. Way down, and some began to experience the effects of heat exhaustion.

All tricks to beat the heat were deployed: soaking jerseys with water, iced neckerchiefs, soaked cycling caps under the helmets, and ice in the jersey pockets. All helped, but by mid lap anything that was cold and wet was either dry or soaked with hot sweat.

The finish results looked like this:

Michelle / Wille - 1st, 2 women team

Kimmi - 2nd, open women

Travis - 3rd, master men

Jeff - 3rd, master men

Andrew - 3rd, open men

Tim - 5th, open men

The next day, Kimmi and Travis took on the SoCal Enduro held at the same venue. This was their first dive into the enduro scene and both came through in one piece (Travis is known as "Travesty" for a reason). Kimmi even took 2nd in the women's class!