KHS 650

Cross Country

Cytomax KHS Racing is made up of 3 working class Pro Racers. Hal Helbock (Tile Contractor), Sean Donovan (Soils engineer), and Charles Jenkins (Naval Aircrew/Rescue Swimmer). Our diversity is our greatest strength. We are all deepely involved in both our professional careers and our Pro cycling aspirations. It is always a balancing act finding time to commit to both. Our deep rooted racing experience spans a collective 50 years. Between the 3 riders we have 2 Semi Pro national championships, the first ever 24 hour national championship (4 man team), 8 California State titles in both Pro and Semi Pro, and numerous other regional titles. The teams focus has always been to promote the ability to support a competitive healthy life style and still find time for our families and jobs. The team also is commited to the promotion of the 650B or 27.5" wheel size. A rather new concept with huge benifits. All the flickability of a 26" and the speed and control of a 29r. A true best of both worlds. With the upcoming season we hope to be able to continue with out winning ways all the while showing the average racer what can be possible with a little extra commitment.

Life Cycle


Lifecycle is a group of dedicated enduro racers from Italy, who are racing the Enduro World Series events and crushing the competition. This year, the 5 rider team had great successes, with top rider Manuel Ducci topping the results throughout the start of the 2013 season. Riding XF forks and Ibis bikes, the team can be found sipping expresso's, mowing the finest Italian pastas, and generally looking good any time you see them.

MIA Santa Cruz


Back in the 90s, team MIA Santa Cruz was created by Christophe "Dangerous Mo" MORERA. French legend of the MTB scene Christophe was involved in the first KRANKED videos. Now composed by young french rippers, Kilian BRON and Maxime PEYTHIEU, MIA Santa Cruz team continue to focus on the production of MTB media content. Tenerife island, Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland...and south of France (!) Kilian and Max are ready to ride all around the globe to produce nice video & photo content and share their passion for MTB.

Pivot WC DH


The Pivot Cycles Factory Team team will compete in all 6 stops of the world cup along with both Crankworx in Les Deux Alpes and Whistler, the Sea Otter Classic and most stops of the BDS national DH series in the UK. The Team consists of Bernard Kerr and Austin Warren for the DH side of things and Bard Kerr for 4x. Bernard is going into his 3rd year riding for Pivot and now stepping up to the factory team. His highlights last year were 13th at Val di Sole World Cup, king of Crankworx Europe and 18th at the final World Cup in Norway along with almost achieving glory at the whip off worlds, but not bringing his whip back!

Team Santa Cruz X-Fusion


All graduates of the Whole Athlete-Specialized Cycling Team, we are just a group of young pro mountain bikers focused on racing cross country and enduro events and getting generally rad on bikes! We have experience from throughout our junior careers in all types of riding, from xc in the highschool series to world championships, as well as downhill, road, and enduro racing.

Troupe Racing Company

Cross Country

Troupe Racing Company is a small, close-knit group based in Southern California. Our team is created with a nod back to mountain biking’s glory days of small teams that traveled the country in search of the perfect race. (We believe, by the way, that these days are back). We aim to resurrect the idea that riding on a team means something to it’s riders – its something to be proud of.