The 02 series line of shocks see a host of changes for 2016, including a new air canister design which adds 15% more air for smoother ramp up, increased tuning options with three different size air-can volume spacers, larger and more ergonomic knobs to allow for easier access to the adjustments, and a new name: 02 Pro. Developed over a two year period with the help of pro racer Brian Lopes, the 02 Pro line has a model for every occasion. Pick between models that feature multiple stage compression adjustment, on the fly lockout, or even a handlebar remote lock out.


  • New seal designs and materials optimize performance and increase durability.
  • New air sleeve provides a lower air-spring compression ratio for a more linear.
  • New compression and rebound tunes for better small bump sensitivity and maximum efficiency.
  • Optional 7-Piece mounting hardware system offers superior strength, reduced drag, and ensures longer bushing life.
  • Sized eyelet bushings ensure a smooth and consistent mounting system straight from the factory.
  • Additional Volume (AV) air-sleeve option provides a more linear air-spring to match certain frame designs.


  • Metric Sizes: 190/40, 190/45, 210/50, 210/55, 230/60, 230/65
  • Trunnion Mount: 165/40, 165/45, 185/50, 185/55, 205/60, 205/65
  • Weight: 228 grams (165x38)
  • Spring: Air
  • RLX Adjustments: 3 position Compression Adjustment (open, pedal, lock), Rebound
Installing X-Fusion Rear Shocks
Air rear shock maximum air pressure: 300 psi (20.68 bar)
Air rear shock minimum air pressure: 60 psi (4.14 bar)​​​​​​​