VECTOR COIL HLR *(Discontinued)


The premier coil shock line by XFusion, the Vector Series provides ultimate fine tune adjustment, durability and performance while having the ability to tackle the harshest terrain. On top of it’s industry leading performance, the sleek look of the all black body and compact design for maximum frame clearance has made the Vector Series one of the best looking shocks available. Highlighted by the Vector HLR, the shock used by our elite downhill athletes will help you in tackling the gnarliest DH tracks or provide a buttery smooth ride on your local trails. The Vector Series shocks are ready to take what you can dish out!


  • CVS (Check Valve System) technology added for compression and rebound isolation ensuring the most consistent damping with improved adjustment ranges.
  • HLR damping system provides total damping control with external rebound adjustment and high-low speed compression adjustment. Compression and Rebound adjustments are isolated from affecting one another via CVS. Refined compression circuits for more efficient and smoother energy absorption. Sized eyelet bushings providing a smoother and more consistent mounting system.


  • 200/56, 215/63, 222/69, 240/76
  • Weight: 430 grams (240 x 76)
  • Spring: Coil Spring(36.3mm ID)
  • Adjustments: Reservoir Pressure, Rebound, Bottom-Out Adjust, High & Low Speed Compression


  • Some strut-mount" or "yoke-equipped" not allow to use H3C or Vector Coil rear shock
  • DO NOT exceed the shock stroke or strut lengths(listed in the table below).
    Shock Stroke    Max Strut Length
    40mm-45mm      118mm
    50mm-55mm      98mm
    60mm-65mm      72mm
    70mm-75mm      37mm
    *Strut length is the distance between the axis of pivot and the axis of the shock mount


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