The Microlite rear shock offers efficiency, simplicity and weight savings in the most compact package. Getting our top of the line Gold Slick Ano coating and weighing in at only 170 grams, the Microlite offers top performance at the least possible weight. For riders that like to keep the gram count low and the ride supple, the Microlite is the shock of choice.


  • New seal designs and materials optimize performance and increase durability.
  • Optional 7-Piece mounting hardware system offers superior strength, reduced drag, and ensures longer bushing life.
  • Sized eyelet bushings ensure a smooth and consistent mounting system straight from the factory.


  • Sizes: 165/38, 184/44, 190/51
  • Weight: 170 grams (165mm)
  • Spring: Air
  • Adjustments: Air Pressure, Rebound, Lockout
Installing X-Fusion Rear Shocks
Air rear shock maximum air pressure: 300 psi (20.68 bar)
Air rear shock minimum air pressure: 60 psi (4.14 bar)​​​​​​​